Thursday, January 5, 2017

Interior Design: Top 5 Frame Makers in Singapore to Bump Up Your Home Interiors

A client wants to ramp up his Camella Ruby interior with paintings, but I wasn't sure what to reply. Since the client was an expat in Singapore and plans to bring something when he comes home late April, I asked him to look around for a framing company to do the framing work for his photography and paintings.

Framing is one of the most attractive arts which have thrived for decades and still proved beyond any doubt to prosper and expand further in the coming years. It’s often regarded as an idealistic art which individual’s mind is put down on a piece of a well-defined art. Asia is the mother of the framing industry and in particular Singapore which has the best ever framing services on the continent. 

Singapore being a stable political state set in an equatorial climate with a rapid growing economy and rich in culture has embraced professional framing hence proving herself as the goddess of the upcoming frame industry.Framing service in Singapore amplifies beyond doubt through its lovely professional framing and availability of the number of award winning frame shops in the world.

Singapore being rich in culture have encouraged professional framing through intermixing various cultures to produce highly creative, refined and alluring picture frames which in result have attracted a good number of frame companies with a high reputation. 

Among the top 5 frame shops in Asia and particularly Singapore are:

#1. Merlin Frame Maker and Art Gallery Pte Ltd; is among the top frame company in Singapore. Being a framing business in operation for years' they have high-quality frames with acute, alluring and interesting designs each set at attractive high-quality layers.

#2. Perfect Arts Frame Maker- is a framing business operated by a couple with a few support staff located along Mountbatten Rd in the basement of Katong Shopping arcade. They have unbowed reputation due to their sophisticated modern and tradition detailed frames.

#3. Talent Arts Gallery & Frame Makers; it’s located in Tanjong Pagar Plaza in Singapore and it depicts itself as the first stop for all the frame pictures and art needed.

#4. Sino Trading & Frame Works; it’s situated in Clementi Ave 3 in Singapore and they have among the best, attractive and enticing frames ever in the industry characterized by a unique taste of nature and eye-catching display.

#5. Express Framing Gallery; located in Bras Basah in City Hall Singapore, It have beautiful scenes and moving frames hence serves a good stop for frame shopping.

Framing services in Sg is the best  in Asia as depicted by the high frame quality, excellent frames unbeatable quantity and undisputed friendly prices in the luring frame shops. This thereby mapping them out in the global market as a potential frame hub which may remain to be on top of the list. 

Our interior designers are itchy waiting for his framed photos and lets see what he got. 


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